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Worst marketing since haggis on a stick?

What's next haggis on a stick?
What's next haggis on a stick?
Haagen Dazs

How do you get kids to eat their veggies?

A, Threaten to take away their smart phone

B, Threaten to take away their smart phone

C, Blend ice cream with vegetables

Blend it with WHAT???

Haagen Dazs claimed a new experiment that is sure to get kids to eat their veggies when they announced plans to sell two vegetable-flavored ice creams in Japan in May.

Are they cloaking the common vegetable or ruining some good ice cream?

The Japanese palate is not like ours. They have eaten bugs for centuries and smiled. Of course their life expectancy is 5 years more than ours.

The company has made no mention of any plans to try the flavors in the U.S. They probably knew it would go on the same shelf as the frozen broccoli

With the proliferation of States legalizing marijuana and the subsequent rush to the junk food aisle, Haagen Dazs would be seem to be in the catbird seat with high and mighty consumers. Why would they want to play the ‘and it’s good for you’ card? How can it be?

The new flavors Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange, has 8.5% milk fat, which is more than half of what a normal pint of Haagen-Dazs typically contains.

Is it a healthier alternative to the typical fatty ice cream or is it half the taste and none of the smoothness?

What’s next, a roll out of ‘Caramelized Camel Fudge Supreme in Morocco, Haggis Almond Nut Roll in Scotland or Butter Pecan Beet Parfait in Russia.

Let’s stick to the basics and let the kids decide.

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