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'Worst Cooks In America': The top 4 to the semifinals

Chef Anne Burrell judge and mentor on 'Worst Cooks In America'
Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for DuJour Magazine

On Monday night’s episode of “Worst Cooks In America” viewers watched the 6 remaining cooks with a new passion and drive to succeed in what they thought at first was just amusing. Yes, at the beginning all these cooks thought it was funny that they were unable to tackle even the simplest tasks in the kitchen, and now instead they are proud of what they have so far accomplished.

The Skill Drill meant that they would need to fix breakfast that consisted of Eggs Benedict and the renowned Sarabeth Levine instructed them. All 6 cooks took on the challenge with gusto, some faltered but not by much and at the end Danny from the Blue Team, won along with Jaime from the Red Team.

Then it was time for the Main Dish challenge and this involved replicating a Surf ‘N Turf dish that each mentor prepared for the members of his or her team. They all were intense and focused on the task at hand, paying much attention to detail and making sure that their dish would be at the top. And then it was time for tasting, from Team Bobby or Blue team Amber took on the top spot and along with Danny would move on the semifinals, from Team Anne or Red Team, Jaime came up on top and along with Mike would also go on to the semifinals.

“Worst Cooks In America” runs on Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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