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'Worst Cooks In America': The final 2 are chosen

Chef Bobby Flay mentor on Worst Cooks In America
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

On Monday night’s episode of "Worst Cooks In America", the remaining 4 cooks were given the Skill Drill that meant tasting a dish and then instructing their respective mentors on what were the ingredients and also advise on how it was cooked. Team Burrell, Red, took the win by a small margin.

The it was time for the Main Dish Challenge, each cook had one specific dish assigned to them by their mentors and then there would be a blind tasted by their loved ones. The passion and drive that these cooks put on the challenge was heartwarming and also heartbreaking because at the end only 2 would move on the finale. Jaime from Team Burrell cooked a dish that his loved on unfortunately did not chose as his favorite, Mike on the other hand was the favorite for both loved ones. On Team Flay though, the loved ones picked as their favorite the dish prepared by each of their family member.

Then it was time for the elimination and from Team Burrell, Jaime was chosen as the one cook who would represent in the final challenge, and from Team Flay, Amber won to move on as well.

“Worst Cooks In America” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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