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'Worst animal abuse ever recorded' shows up in safari ad (Graphic Video)

A terribly misguided, graphically explicit video going viral on YouTube shows what one fuming critic calls the "worst animal abuse ever recorded." And the incredible thing is, the original footage was intended as a glowing video "brochure" for a safari company in Tanzania.

A video on YouTube shows the worst animal abuse ever recorded
jasontpkoebler @YouTube

Allegations of horrific animal abuse were lodged in March against Green Mile Safari, Inc., a big-game hunting tour company based in Tanzania. But, according to an article in the Inquisitr published on Aug. 19, it wasn't until July that the company had its license revoked after the video came to light and caused howls of protests by animal rights advocates around the world.

In the video, obviously intended as an infomercial type advertisement for the safari company, "hunters" can be seen taunting and abusing a baby zebra desperately calling for its mother, tour members are running over animals in ATVs, baby animals are being shot illegally, and, perhaps worst of all, protected animals are shown being blown away with automatic rifles.

The participants in the promotional video (shot in 2012) seem as though they think nothing of the outrageous and abusive behavior and, in fact, appear to shamelessly revel in the cruelty. Incredibly, it appears that the wantonly abusive, criminal behavior, seems to be a selling point for booking a tour with Green Mile Safari.

No stranger to controversy themselves (they recently advertised a tour to hunt down the rare Black Rhino) the Dallas Safari Club had this to say in a letter to Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism: "Without question, the video depicts some of the worst displays of unethical hunting behavior and animal abuse ever recorded."

It seems that letter sparked the revoking of the Green Mile Safari Club's license to operate, but only after some foot dragging by the club's rumored friends in high places in the Tanzanian government.

Click the 14 minute video for a look, but, be warned. The images are extremely graphic and disturbing.

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