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Worship on a mission

Bekah Westerfeld
Bekah Westerfeld
Bekah Westerfeld

There is so much headlining on the news today that shows the negative side of youth. But, all young people are not involved in negative endeavors. It's harder to hear about those. I want to highlight a few that are changing the world.

Bekah Westerfeld is a student at Oral Roberts University - ORU. She graduates in December this year. But, Bekah is not just a student - but a Worship Leader with a velvet voice and a HUGE love for God. She has served on ORU worship teams - currently a part of the Worship Choir there - and led worship at her home church - Hope Alive Christian Center in Overland Park, KS - in Youth church (Generation Church) as well as regular services.

Bekah has bridged the gap between high school and college. It's the place where many fall away from relationship with God or begin to focus on the wonders of their new-found independence and young adulthood. When Bekah comes home from ORU - she leads worship.

On May 12 - Bekah and several other ORU mission team members - will begin a two week ministry trip to Brazil. They will minister to Youth in schools with music and basketball - and minister on the streets.

Their greatest need right now is our prayer support. Please mark your calendars and pray for this team of young people every day. Have the Youth and Children's ministry at your church make it a project to pray for them. We can all uphold them and keep them before the Lord during this time. Pray for their health, safety and effectiveness as they minister. Pray for the many divine appointments Father has already planned and ordained.

May many be saved and ministered to. May these wonderful young people be blessed and forever changed by the love of God - for with their lives they are touching the world.