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Worse than Eric Cantor

Worse than Eric Cantor
Worse than Eric Cantor
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The Tea Party, with all the clinging to faith and church combined with the fetish worship of the Constitution, is actually the mirror of everything ugly.

The people are racist, xenophobic, cruel, and hypocritical. Add to that roster, these self-proclaimed Tea Party people don’t understand the role of government and the tasks that must be done for the aggregate. And they ignore science together with education.

The Tea Party and the folks in Congress who cater to them, scream about helping vulnerable citizens but let billions pass to the wealthiest echelon.

So what does it mean what a typical Republican who votes and supports Wall Street while committed to denying basic social programs, comes to find he will need unemployment insurance himself?

Kidding. Cantor will be scooped by some lobbying firm or Fox News and enjoy a financially comfortable if not morally troubling existence moving forward.

The man who beat Eric Cantor in the GOP primary is part of a more organic, more radical element of the Tea Party concerned with only on issue: immigration.

As in hurting anyone trying to come into this country as well as penalizing the Dreamers, children of possibly illegal or undocumented parents whose only life has been here in the United States. Okay, going after people immigrating from the south of the United States.

Ideas have been put forth by conservatives to either send the whole family packing or wrench the adults away from their children.

The Tea Party: ( and believe this column that the organizers should have googled the term) began as a fiscal protest. Taxed Enough Already.

Get it? See who says you have to complete high school to generate an acronym. Perhaps Dick Armey or the Koch Brothers hired an ad agency to come up with the term. A reminder again, look up everything on the Internet before you make it your brand.

Of course the seminal folks wearing teabags on their head didn’t really seem to care about the deficit when the President was white. That particular administration ran a war on a Chinese credit card and still sent spending geysering up and the economy crashing down.

Intellectually there will be disagreements about political philosophy. But people must think with their hearts. We as a nation have to care about all citizens and understand the concept of the common good.

To base actions on exclusion, hate or hypocrisy will never work.

The Tea Party is metastasizing and it is very scary.

Never did this column believe that Eric Cantor could be outflanked by a candidate filled with more anger and ignorance.

Live and learn.

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