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Worrying About Being Alone Again At The Holiday's?


We are already into September and the holidays are just around the corner. The Halloween decorations are already in the stores and the nights are getting crisper. For me fall is a time of abundance, giving, receiving and sharing. Many people start to get a bit anxious wondering if they are going to spend yet another holiday season or New Year’s Eve without a romantic partner. Something about the words “holiday’s” and “single” in the same sentence can make even the most confidant and accomplished woman start in on the spiked eggnog three months early.
The most energizing and uplifting thing you can do is to start thinking about what you can do to help others. Make this whole upcoming fall season about giving. Is there a homeless shelter that needs help? Are there some seniors that need someone to read to them or to take them on an errand? Maybe you want to go to your local animal shelter and walk the dogs or pet the cats for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. At my local library in Hollywood they have a program to teach adults to read. There are so many opportunities to be of service. You will be planting seeds of unconditional love, abundance, caring and hope that will come back to you ten fold. You will be so busy giving and thinking of others that you will emit a sparkly, magnetic and attractive energy field. The right man will be coming into your life when the timing is right. So in the meantime, be present right here, right now and do what you can to make other people’s lives a bit brighter.