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Life Really is Beautiful
Life Really is Beautiful
Corey Templeton;

A friend posted a blog on my Facebook wall titled: You Can't Be Everything To Everyone (So Stop Trying) by Jennifer Pastiloff. At first, I was like, "What is THIS?" However, after reading the post (and slightly developing a girl crush on the genius of Pastiloff), I realized, she was right: You cannot be everything to everyone, so why waste your time?

You might be asking yourself what this has to do with dating. Well, my answer is simple: everything.

If you're feeling down, or even if you're on Cloud 9, take a gander at Pastiloff's pure genius; her other articles -- such as See Your Beauty Now! I Dare You! -- are pretty eye-opening, as well.

While Pastiloff may be living the glamorous LA lifestyle, her mindset is powerful enough to travel across the country right here to good old Portland, Maine.

How does that saying go? Accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can and recognize the difference.

Be who you are and do what you can; however, remember that you are human and not a superhero. Whether you apply this mentality to friendships, your love life, work or anything else you can think of, you won't be disappointed.

That said, it's HUMP DAY! Have a good read, take your 15 minutes if you need them and head out to the Old Port's Sebago Brewing Company for $8 pitcher night!

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