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Worried about a ‘Runaway Bride?’ Insurance policies cover Wedding mishaps

Insurance for a “Runaway Bride” sound unreal? When the characters Julie Roberts and Richard Gere played find themselves in the middle of a wedding and there was a chance of plans, the storyline could have ended with the couple getting reimbursed by the insurance company. According to the Abilene Business News on Monday, wedding insurance is becoming a big business and the groom as well as the bride are signing up to make sure their special day is covered.

From one party having a sudden change of heart to extreme weather the unknown elements of a wedding can be intense. Couples can only plan for so many scenarios so when illness shows up or the limo driver goes AWOL, there needs to be a backup plan. Insurance companies are getting involved to provide coverage in case something goes go terribly wrong.

While two million couples get married every year, it’s hard to believe that less than half of one percent buy insurance. Life’s little surprises always seem to keep people guessing and having a safety net is a good idea for those folks in the military that might face deployment, people who live in areas with unstable weather and couples who find themselves usually looking at challenging situations.

Once the wedding insurance steps in to fix those wedding mishaps, there will be nothing more to do than relax, enjoy their time together and years later tell the grand kids the ridiculous stories of how the day wasn’t perfect.

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