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Worldwide sports partner with speech technology to explode global fan base

As of 2014, sports fans in every corner of the world can now follow the games and players in almost every language. Fan bases can grow exponentially and worldwide sports explode into multi-language sports casting that automatically streams in 78 languages using today’s cutting-edge voice translation software. Where once a sports announcer’s patter beamed the airwaves in only one language, today a tsunami of new internet fans are reached in their native languages when the sports caster’s voice passes through software and is automatically translated into 23 languages as computerized voice (like Apple’s Siri) and in 78 languages as subtitles. All at the same time.

This explosive internationalization of sports is initiated by the advent of new streaming speech translation software. When a sports announcer speaks, the voice is processed and translated into real-time subtitle text. The subtitles are displayed and at the same time are converted into amazingly lifelike synthesized voices in many languages in real-time.

With today’s technologies, sports players can give personalized broadcasts or weekly internet conversations targeted specifically to their growing fan base. These blog-broadcastings can now be routinely available in dozens of languages as part of the player’s social media marketing approach propagated through use of speech technologies.

Business of Sports

Most major team managers and players from sports such as soccer, golf, ice hockey, football, tennis, gymnastics, and baseball have specific language issues that are not commonly known to the public and that can now be overcome or improved through use of live speech translation software. This includes the need to assimilate into a team the new players arriving from other countries and languages. Given that the time required to master a new language is two to five years, the newest speech technologies provide across-language automated speech translation to facilitate assimilation of new players, and to translate instructions, directions, and conversation, until the player acquires fluency in the team’s language.

Darryl Houston Smith of Pro-Hockey Weekly and pioneer and evangelist for speech technology in the world of sports is enthusiastic about the widening possibilities offered by speech technology. “What we see in international sports is that the games have gone global. The great players around the world do not share a common language. As an English-speaking reporter, in the past my interviews were confined only to persons who spoke English, or to interviewees who spoke a smattering of English. ‘Smattering’ does not always make for the kind of article I have been itching to write about these larger-than-life talents. However, the advent of good usable speech technologies creates new potential for communication where there was no communication in the past."

Although not perfect, of course, these real-time speech translation software are destined to change the world of sports. The advent of these technologies seem to indicate that the language barrier no longer exists, and sports now truly knows no boundaries to their growth in popularity.

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