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Worldwide Pagan event against fracking

A Facebook page titled "The Warrior's Call - pagans united against fracking" has created an event online that has drawn over 1,000 Pagans and is still growing. The event that they have created is called "Waters of the World - a global day of ceremony to bless, heal and protect the world's waters from fracking." This group seems to have a three fold plan in place to educate others about fracking practices, raise awareness and to gather Pagans world wide in a day of magical practice to heal the damage that has been done.

Fracking is a slang term for hydraulic fracturing. The basics of the process is to extract natural gas from shale rock layers that are deep inside the earth. Extracting the natural gas in the shale plates was previously impossible but fracking has created a way to reach that gas and collect it. From that perspective, fracking doesn't sound too bad. Fracking can cause some very frightening issues suck as air pollution, toxic chemicals being released into flood waters used to frack, wild life and vegetation being killed off and if those things are not scary enough for you, fracking can also cause an increase in earthquakes.

"The Warrior's Call" has some great ideas for ritual's for their March 15, 2014 worldwide event that can be found on their Facebook page and the Facebook event page. You will also find more information about fracking and what it is and can do to our Mother Earth. If you are not able to participate in a ritual or don't wish to, "The Warrior's Call" group is asking that you spread the word. It is a true fact that the more you and the more you share what you know can help create a change.

The Warrior's Call - pagans united against fracking

Waters of the World - a global day of ceremony to bless, heal and protect the world's waters from fracking

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