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Worldwide Earth Hour 2014 promises to be bigger than ever

This year's Earth Hour celebration is expected to set a new world's record.
This year's Earth Hour celebration is expected to set a new world's record.

Set your mental alarm clock for 8:30 pm, this Saturday, March 29. That’s when Earth Hour will once again be celebrated worldwide, and this year participation is expected to set records.

Earth Hour, of course, is a seven-year old global movement started by the World Wildlife Federation in which people around the world are encouraged to turn off their lights (and any unnecessary power) for one hour to raise awareness of global warming and/or show support for environmentally responsible policies and practices. For 2014, the theme is “Use Your Power” (to affect change).

This year, many famous landmarks will be observing Earth Hour including: The Empire State Building and Times Square in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London, the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles International Airport, the Las Vegas Strip, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Niagara Falls, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Australia, Tokyo Tower in Japan, and many, many more.

“It is always extraordinary to see cities and landmarks involved in Earth Hour, “ says Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Hour, “but in 2014 it is the stories and activities happening beyond the hour that show this event has evolved into a movement driven by the power of the crowd.”

That global “crowd” will start the celebration in Auckland, New Zealand with lights turned off at the Sky Tower, then move on to Australia where the whole movement began seven years ago, and gradually work its way across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas … and right here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

For more information about this year’s Earth Hour festivities, click here. And to learn how your business and coworkers can observe the event, click here.

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