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Worldwake, first impressions.

With Worldwake pre-releases going live today it is time for first impressions. Wizards has published the official confirmed set list on gatherer and it is worth a look. Here are a few thoughts.

Best new discard cards in the set: Mire's Toll and Nihil Stone. Mire's Toll really has my attention as it is quick, easy and it scales up as the game goes on. 

Draw-go stuff: Dispel and Treasure Hunt.

Best Kird Ape in the set: Loam Lion. Really? I mean REALLY? If you like Zoo, you should do a little dance, or maybe even a big one. It doesn't get much better than Loam Lion, Kird Ape and Wild Nacatl.

Not Strip Mine, but still dang good: Tectonic Edge. It is slower, and more narrow than good old Strip Mine, but for standard it can be quite the savage imitation. 

Best Sui-Black card in the set: Abyssal Persecutor or Death's Shadow. The Persecutor is also an amazing card in multiplayer games. It is obvious that Death's Shadow will see a lot of play with the Johnny crowd as well.

Best answer to Weenie in the set: Chain Reaction. Also, the name is cool.

Oblivion Ring on a stick: Admonition Angel. Yup. Beats too.

Well that finishes up the first impressions, but definitely take a look yourselves, there are still a lot of other gems in the set.

Arbitrary thought for the day: Triskelion + Mephidross Vampire + Blade of the Bloodchief. Not really "needed" but pretty dang funny.


  • Animator 5 years ago

    Nice Post, great break down of the set. I'll have to look a little more into it.

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