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Worldwake breaking through

Worldwake is coming!
Worldwake is coming!
Wizards of the Coast

Once again that glorious day comes upon all magic players, the release of a new set; accurately the pre-lease is January 30th-31st. Worldwake turns up the notch to eleven with new creatures, new abilities, and ramping up those introduced in Zendikar. There is a new version of Kicker as well as new vampires, kors, allies, and traps.

With the release of Zendikar there was a revival of Kicker, as previously explained in one of my articles Kicker is an extra mana cost paid during activation to incur an extra ability. Now in Worldwake we have Multi-Kicker, much like Kicker it’s an extra mana cost paid during activation but this cost can be paid multiple times activating the Kicker ability each time. This is a good example of how magic can refresh even some of its oldest components and give players a whole new dimension to look at. There will also be new Landfall cards, and even Landfall abilities on instants.

Worldwake continues where Zendikar started with new vampires, kors, and new creature type Ally. From the released spoilers we can expect some devastating new vampires and allies. Vampires who used to only be considered an added flavor to a black deck are now a standalone tour de force. Allies, who where to few to make an effective creature theme deck, are now, armed with an exuberant amount of abilities many painful for opponents. Beyond the addition of these new creatures, there is also an interesting new set of creatures… land creatures. There are many new land cards in the spoiler that become creatures of their own; this of course works with the title of the set.

Zendikar had released a set of purely mono-colored cards. This was a move away from the many multi-colored card sets released of the past blocks; Lorwyn-Shadowmoor and Shards of Alara. According to the spoiler there are a few multi-color cards, will there be a change in direction? Data collected from interviews and research show that most players enjoyed the return to mono-color.

Magic players anticipate anxiously the release of this new and most likely sure fire set. In only a few days they will be able to participate in the pre-release, where you can receive a promo Comet Storm, as well as a Worldwake Intro Pack. Stay tuned to this page as there will be updates and reviews on spoiler cards.