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Worldview: wallet-sized, panoramic, or 4D?

How tall am I? How high off the ground am I?
How tall am I? How high off the ground am I?

Consider this analogy: your perspective on life and picture-size options.

As technology has advanced our ability to perceive and know the world more clearly, so has the photography industry. We are now capable of seeing a significantly growing number of real-life locations re-created online. It is even possible to virtually walk through some of these, adding a fourth dimenstion to your viewing pleasure.

Which method of capturing the world do you prefer?

With a picture offering a thousand words, which print do you choose to see the world through. Is a wallet-sized or 4X6 picture of a space shuttle enough? Or is a 4D virtual tour of Huntsville's Space and Rocket center what you are after?

Is your worldview limited or all-encompassing? All-separate, or all-one?

Every size and shape of these re-created images is missing information, some obviously more than others. Consider the possibility that our human perspective is missing the panoramic or 4D "app" for our mental camera of the world.

As material technology continues to enhance our viewing pleasure, can we enhance our own mental faculties of viewing the world?

What might be missing from the picture we have? Could missing pieces possibly explain our suffering? If so, what might limitations withhold, and how does your imagination paint a new picture?

Consider a change in your perceptive worldview as the antidote for any mental ailment you may have. Look towards the possiblity of a bigger picture, especially before jumping to conclusions Find an image that renders you speechless. With a picture worth a thousand words, a speechless image is priceless.


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