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Worlds Largest Ever Recorded Food Fight!

Food Fight
Food Fight
Food Fight

In an effort to bring diverse people together, to have a fun time, and to continue breaking down social barriers, Garrett Thierry decided to create a campaign that will be a memory that will go down in history as the first and largest ever Social Media Generated Community Food Fight.

  • The size and scope of the "Food Fight" will be dependent upon the amount of money contributed to the campaign.
  • Participants unable to attend the defined food fight location will be encouraged to join in via "Livestream"
  • The plan is to have various aspects of this fundraiser determined by the community itself. i.e. - Location of event, foods to use (nothing dangerous), and anything else that we can think of!
  • Dependent upon the size of this fundraiser there may be available professional positions to help build the best food fight possible.
  • Safety will be a huge concern of ours so obviously measures will be taken to ensure the safety of all of the participants but please make sure to use common sense.
  • With your help this could become a world record and could out due the La Tomatina held in Spain each August!
  • The focus will be uniting all different cultures to gather and have a fun time while raising awareness for an important cause. (Cause will be chosen by the community)

The Impact
Project details:

  • This project is a social media campaign that has never happened before and will further show the possibilities of communities of like minded people coming together to have a fun time..
  • The impact of this event is to break down social barriers and help communities from all walks of life have a memorable experience that will be forever remembered as "The Worlds Largest Food Fight!"
  • Food items will be relatively inexpensive and hopefully donated from organizations that will be throwing out expiring or bruised products.
  • A large portion of the proceeds from this event will be used to feed the hungry and less fortunate. Because this is a community based event, charities and funding to select charities will be voted upon by the community

Join the Fight here!

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