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World's Biggest GeoArt

GCCO Logo 60 Miles Square
GCCO Logo 60 Miles Square
Geocaching Colorado

What happens when the idea to produce a power trail in Colorado comes up again in the State Group for Geocaching?

You get a creative answer: how about some sort of Geo-Art?

What is Geo-Art? Geo-Art has a bit of an infamous beginning: the mailbox bomber. His plan for the location of the bombs were supposed to make a smiley face on the center of the US map.

With the advent of Geocaching and showing locations of Geocaches on maps, this had lead to many creative works of art, without the sinister undertones, which can only be seen on maps for Geocaching.

Some of the creative works of art range from spelling out words, simple pictures to much more complex works of art. Some of the more interesting and complex pieces of Geo-Art use different cache types to create different textures and colors for their Art. There is a collection listed on Pinterest

There are some power trails that go on for more than 2000 Geocaches, going hundreds of miles. There are a couple of series of Geocaches that trace the outline of a country. However, those are not considered Geo-Art. Geo-Art specifically paints a picture of some sort, not tracing a border or just following a road. Also, Geo-Art is usually not about having a series of caches placed as close together as possible to allow for the maximum number of finds in the shortest amount of time.

On May 31st, 2014, Geocaching Colorado "GCCO" released a series of 1005 Geocaches, spanning an area of 60 miles high by 60 miles wide. This makes it 10 miles larger than the next closest work of art, and 5 more Geocache hides. The hides are on the eastern plains of Colorado, about 90 miles east of Denver, and going to 11 mile short of Kansas. The lower half crosses Interstate 70, and the northern point reaches up to Highway 34 just outside Yuma, CO.

The team that comprised many of the Geocaching Colorado Board 2014 and many volunteers unveiled the work of art during a special event held in Bennett, CO, titled GCCO Presents the Reveal!!!

This new series of caches has already caught the eye of many Geocache players from other states. It sounds like many people are starting to think about when they can visit to take part of finding a number of Geocaches from this giant work of art.

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