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WorldMessage: A Notable iPhone Message App that Defies Language Boundaries

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Various messaging platforms become integral part of daily communications between mobile device users. With all the iPhone app choices available for message, WorldMessage stands out as a remarkable platform online chat enthusiasts would want to use.


Developed by L.B. Entertainment LTD, this messaging app is a complete communication tool that allows people to chat using their own language in chat rooms. It means users don’t have to use a third-party translator just to send message to people across the globe.
Aside from the integrated translator, WorldMessage also supports a wide array of messaging functions that people are accustomed using since the era of chat platforms have been introduced.


WorldMessage offers the following functionality ideal for your communication needs:
Cross-Platform Communication - This iPhone message app can be used in various mobile devices like iPad and iPod Touch as long as it is installed in the device. Compatibility reports the app works with iOS 7.0.
Network Connection-Supported Platform - Like other regular chat platform, this app lets people communicate without paying for regular SMS fees. All users need to use is network connection or 3G/4G network plans to start chatting with other people. No overage fees on messages as users can send message using free network connection or with unlimited data plan.
Set Chat Groups - Setting up chat groups is easy, allowing users to only talk with preferred people. Profiles for specific groups can be assigned.
Set User’s Profile - Users can create profiles to be displayed in chat rooms. Aside from personal profiles, users can also set-up chat duration that controls time spent talking with others.
Push Notification System - Users will receive notification even if not using the app.

Share Multimedia Files and Location - Users can show chat mates videos and photos that give way to longer communication time and more topics to talk about. Sharing multimedia files is also easy without affecting the app’s performance.
Password-Enabled App - Gain complete control on the app with its password-enabled features. A password can be set up first before accessing and using the app.

Distinguishing Factor:

This app’s distinguishing factor is its integrated translator. It supports up to 64 languages with more than 4000 combinations. A person can send messages to a recipient using his language. The recipient will then get the message already translated and vice-versa. This is a convenient way of communicating with people without leaving the app just to use another translator.

Overall, WorldMessage is a great iPhone message app to use for everyone across the globe. It literally allows people to defy language barriers and chat with ease through mobile devices.

Price: Free