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World War 3: Could Russia really destroy the U.S. in World War 3?

Will there be a World War 3 with tensions between the U.S. and Russia growing?
Will there be a World War 3 with tensions between the U.S. and Russia growing?
Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images

World War 3 is buzzing all over the Internet about a reporter Russian President Vladimir Putin assigned as head of the state's news agency. Dmitry Kiselyov explained how America's interference with Russia and Ukraine could hurt them.

“Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” Kiselyov said.

Tensions are growing between the U.S. and Russia since Vladimir Putin blames President Obama for getting involved in Russia's mission to take over the Ukraine, according to a March 17 report by Inquisitr. It also has to do with former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk cautioning Russia not to provoke them into starting World War 3.

Kravchuk said Russia has already "gone beyond their base and occupied Crimea – it is conquered territory. Russia violated the Budapest Memorandum. Ukraine has every reason to go to international arbitration. I call on the Russian authorities to stop. Between our peoples should not be war. Does Russia not understand that this is the beginning of World War 3?”

A conflict arises with Crimea being when it comes to Ukraine and Russia. The majority of those in Crimea want to be part of Russia, but Ukraine is against it. It was noted in the report that the Crimean peninsula gets its electricity and other vital resources from Ukraine. The belief that the majority of voters want to be part of Russia is possibly the result "of threats from the Russian military," according to the report.

President Obama has threatened sanctions against Russia over its mission with Crimea. Since Crimea wants to be part of Russia, that's basically increased propaganda against the U.S.

Threats between nations is hardly anything new, but with sophisticated weapons and relentless leaders, what they warn is nothing to be taken lightly. Will there be a World War 3 sooner or later?

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