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World Vision reversal after supporters drop funding

World Vision Experience
World Vision Experience
World Vision USA via Facebook

In a surprising twist of events yesterday CBN News announced that World Vision USA has changed their decision to allow hiring people in same-sex marriages. This came after just two days of the announcement that World Vision’s president Richard Stearns had said the decision, “was not symbolic, not of compromise but of (Christian) unity.”

Prominent church leaders were outraged by the announcement of World Vision changing their policy on allowing gay marriages. World Vision said as a Christian organization they do not support gay marriages but they were going to ‘defer to the authority of local churches’ instead of having the Word of God as their authority in decision making.

"World Vision maintains their decision is based on unifying the church -- which I find offensive -- as if supporting sin and sinful behavior can unite the Church," Franklin Graham wrote on his Facebook page.

Christian supporters of World Vision took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter stating that they would no longer support the humanitarian work of the organization as they were no longer a true Christian organization by not having the Bible as their authority.

Thomas E. Daubert, wrote on Facebook, “I am so disappointed in their (World Vision) decision to support same sex marriage I dropped my sponsorship today!”

The question is who are the board members and the president of World Vision USA who allowed the decision to be made and agreed upon it, only to be persuaded again by the backlash from financial supporters.

Stearns said, 'the board of the non-profit had been praying about the decision for years. But in the letter to supporters Wednesday leaders admitted they had not sought enough counsel from their Christian partners.'

There are other Christian organizations that do the same type of humanitarian work that World Vision does. "The Assemblies of God had called for its members to shift their support to other charities." Was it possible that World Vision leaders were persuaded by the 1/5 percentage of their funds coming from the federal government and are now figuring out that the other 4/5 of their funding is from fellow Christians? Only time will tell if the supporters will return to World Vision or if they just gave a permanent boost to funding to other similar organizations like Samaritan’s Purse.

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