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World unites against Monsanto and GM food

Recently, Vermont became the first state in the U.S. To pass a GMO labeling law. This law requires all food that contains any Genetically Modified ingredients to be clearly labeled as such. For instance, if your corn chowder contains GM corn, the label will have to show ingredients: corn (GMO), salt, flour etc...

To verify the GMO status they keep on file a test strip and a sample from each truckload of beans it buys from farmers.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Monsanto leads the world in GM development and proliferation and has also fought, successfully, for several years to prevent such laws from ever being introduced as bills let alone passing as laws.

Currently there are over 20 additional states that are in the “voter initiative” stage which would allow the citizens to vote for or against GM labeling laws. Some of the states are: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Major toxicology study

The peer review Journal of Organic Systems reported the findings from a longterm toxicology study “pigs fed a combined GM soy and GM maize [corn] diet...had higher rates of severe stomach inflammation...”

That is correct, the pigs digestive systems were so overwhelmed and corrupted by the GM corn and soy that they had severe inflammation. Have you noticed the increase in Acid Reflux, Colitis and other digestive trouble in humans, one only needs to watch the ever present drug commercials to see that there is an increase or just ask your friends and family. Also, an increasingly common allergy to Gluten, is really the same digestive inflammation that the pigs suffered and the cause is the same...GM ingredients. When a person sensitive to gluten switches to an all organic diet, they are amazed at how the problem goes away after some time.

If you think this is still not a serious problem then consider that 85% of all corn in the US is genetically modified, and almost all animal feed is made from GM corn and other GM ingredients. A recent decision by Monsanto to create GM sweet corn, means that your beloved summer BBQ with the grilled corn on the cob, or boiled of course, is (unless organic) now GM as well. So how does eating corn mixed with fish DNA, that is hard wired with genetic pesticide taste now.

Monsanto's stated goal, according to Jeffrey Smith author of “Seeds of Deception”, “is to genetically engineer 100% of all the worlds seeds and then patent them. (RT interview)” This means the future we are moving into, according to Monsanto, will require “everyone” to purchase their seeds every time you want to grow “anything”. Don't even think about saving seeds for your next planting season, because most GM plants do not produce seeds and even if they do, the patent laws make it illegal for you to keep the seeds. You see, when a person or company uses Monsanto seeds, Monsanto not only owns the seed, they also own everything the seed produces----indefinitely!

Economic implications for the US

This issue is affecting the US in particular because the US government through the FDA has snuggled up closely to Monsanto, if not outright in bed with them.

  • China has refused shipments of US corn over GMO concerns.
  • Russia has placed a three year moratorium on planting GM seeds until further study into its safety.
  • France, the EU's top grain producer, banned GM corn cultivation.

Currently 64 countries require GM labeling on products, perhaps the recent move by Vermont, will encourage if not force the US government to become the 65th country. After all, why not, if GM ingredients are as safe as the FDA and Monsanto say they are, then why not label the products and allow people to make an informed choice? Why hide something if it is safe?

Feel free to call or write your state Congress as well as the Federal Congress to let them know that it is unacceptable for our food supply to contain potentially dangerous ingredients, and not be labeled as such.

If you want to protect yourself from the dangers of GM food, then buy organic as much as possible, then cross your fingers and say a little prayer, because between wind, rain and pollinators even organic food can be contaminated by GM seeds.

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