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World UFO Day look skyward

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July 2nd marks a generally controversial date in history; that being the notorious UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico, 1947. This date holds ton of stigmas for UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists alike.

This story has undergone scrutiny for years, from the original press release revealing the “RAAF Captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell” to the much less controversial recant of “Disc found on ranch” misidentified as remnants of High Altitude weather balloon.

Whether you believe in the original release of an actual extraterrestrial encounter, or the subdued discount of said events; this date still marks a time in US history that gave way to today’s Movies, TV shows, Fiction, and today’s belief that anything is possible.

So take time, imagine, dream, and wonder at the multitude of what ifs, what is possible, what is imaginable and smile. Smile that you live in a time where Physicists and Astronomers have shown proof that extraterrestrial life is possible.

Smile that you live in a country where the discussions can be held openly, smile even if you do not believe, because you have that choice.

This day is not only for the enthusiast, but also for the dreamers, writers, skeptics, and undecided. In a time where UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts, and a variety of other unknowns are openly discussed and researched, this date should mark a time of wonder, acceptance of something bigger than ourselves, and the drive to understand the world around us.

Get out, look up, and wonder because its World UFO Day.



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