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World travelers: how to travel light and be secure, part two

This article is continued from part one here.

World travelers - how to travel light and be secure
Incognito Waist Walles

Incognito Waist Band - unfortunately some countries, like Spain, are less safe than others, in terms of getting something stolen. If you have your passport and money hidden under your clothes, at least you can get home and you can buy what's missing with the money you have.

Switchgear Daytrip - this foldable extra backpack is great for carrying things on your back and folds small to fit in your suitcase.

Eco Boxer and Crew T-shirt - these are easy to pack and quick to wash in your hotel sink - a blessing for any world traveler.

Non-Grounding Plug Set - works in any country. Take a set with you and don't rely on the hotel having plugs, they may already have lent out their limited supply to other travelers.

Getaway Tote - works if you have to keep any documents looking good. Also holds your laptop. Designed by so you know it has a good name behind it.

MetroSafe GII - simply a great invention here, as the metal inside the strap doesn't allow thieves to cut through the strap and steal the purse. The strap goes diagonally over the shoulder and the roomy purse can take everything you need for a day on the town.

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