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World top beer 2014: Snow from China is number one, best 10 beers list a new mix

The World Top Beer this 2014 has been revealed over the weekend, and the coveted title holder of the number one beer might be a surprise to some — Snow from China. While U.S. beers like Budweiser managed to snag a fourth slot on the best 10 beers' list this year, China came in both first and second place, with Tsing Tao being named the second top beer in the world. News Oxy shares an inside look into the many delicious beers that grace the popular list this Tuesday, June 17, and how the ranking turned out to be quite a new mix this year.

World top beer list this 2014 has China Snow on top
Wikimedia Creative Commons, Flickr

It’s no major surprise that Budweiser remains high-selling ale here in the U.S., but on the global scale, China is in control regarding the World Top Beer List 2014. According to the press release, both Yanjing and Harbin — which are Asian beers — both earned themselves a spot in the rankings, while China Snow Beer comes out at the chilly top as the clear winner.

The determiners in this international beer popularity and selling study were Euromonitor International and Bloomberg News, who worked together to conduct research into which beers were consumed the most by adult drinkers. Snow Beer at the summit might surprise many readers, because even in China, Tsing Tao is usually at the forefront of most Best 10 Beer lists. However, it appears that Snow has come out on top because more people drink it when Tsing Tao is considered too high-brow or “refined” for consumers.

Both U.S. Coors Light and Heineken beers also ranked within World Top Beer 2014 standings this week, but are at the lower end of the spectrum. Here is the official Top 10 List, as provided in the report:

1. Snow
2. Tsingtao
3. Bud Light
4. Budweiser
5. Skol
6. Yanjing
7. Heineken
8. Harbin
9. Brahma
10. Coors Light

News Max reports that Budweiser isn’t even fully considered an “American” beer for quite some time already. A Belgian based corporation known as Anheuser-Busch Inbev took control over the company, and is a breakthrough leader in terms of overall beer production. If anything, it's become a pioneer of this new mix of alcoholic drinks.

"More than twice as many pints of Snow were downed last year than Bud Light," Bloomberg shared via their study findings. "If your American keg-stand pride is feeling upturned by a third-place ranking, the news gets worse. Budweiser hasn't technically been American beer for some time now. The company that took it over in 2008, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, is based in Belgium. It now owns half of the top 10 beers in the world."

Aside from this emerging Best 10 Beers List, the source site adds that in terms of U.S. beers in particular, Bud Light is in fact reigning as the king of domestic beer sales. Last year, the rankings showed that after Bud Light (in terms of overall sales), Coors Light came next, followed by Budweiser, Miller Light, Corona Extra, several others, and Heineken coming in last.

Do you agree with the top beers 2014 standings this year? What’s your favorite beer, and are you interested in trying (if you haven’t already) China Snow Beer to see what all the hype is about?

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