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World Thinking Day 2014: Feb. 22 holiday to salute the brain, be aware of others

Holiday of World Thinking Day arrives Feb. 22
Holiday of World Thinking Day arrives Feb. 22
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World Thinking Day is here this Feb. 22, 2014, and this unofficial holiday serves as a time for people around the globe to salute the brain and be aware of the importance, concerns, and lives surrounding others. Often simply called Thinking Day in the past, this day holds particular significance for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts members — including some boy-focused Scout associations — in order to promote young people focusing on their education and thinking of their “brothers and sisters” everywhere. National Whatever Day News provides updated news on how to celebrate this unofficial holiday this Saturday, Feb. 22, and some additional interesting facts about Thinking Day.

Each and every year, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides take a moment to participate in World Thinking Day. As a time that is encouraged to be celebrated by others as well and give an informal salute to the thinking process and a cognizant awareness of others, certain boy organizations also reflect on this annual tradition. Today represents a time when our U.S. Scouts and young children in general should take a moment to think of other children around the world, as well as the daily issues and challenges they face on a global level.

In more recent years, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts has designed a significant international problem as an overarching theme for every year’s unofficial holiday, including World Thinking Day 2014. Furthermore, these young minds are tasked with marking a “focus country” from the world regions to spend particular time on in studying and reflecting upon. This interlude of study is used as a distinct chance to learn more about and ultimately appreciate other cultures and countries that exist around the world, thereby augmenting learning and sensitivity of global issues in young men and women.

For those who wish to participate in this day in which we humans give a salute to thinking and the capabilities that our minds provide us on a daily basis, a Thinking Day Fund is also established to help Girl Guides and Scouts from across the globe support more learning on new educational projects.

This 2014, we also consider why Feb. 22 was also selected as the special day for World Thinking Day, especially in its relation to the education of young people and Girl Scouts in particular. Today marks the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell and Olave Baden-Powell, the Scouting and Guiding founding leaders and World Chief Guides. Many celebrate this unofficial holiday as simply B. P. Day or just Founders’ Day.

So today, put your capable mind to work to think about your life, be aware of your connection to the lives and cultures of others around the world, and celebrate World Thinking Day 2014 with your friends and family!

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