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World Tattoo

Bill Passman colors in each country he visits.
Bill Passman colors in each country he visits.

Many people get tattoos to commemorate important events in their lives. Some people will get a tattoo as a way to remind them of a place they visited--maybe a traditional Hawaiian or Japanese symbol. For Louisiana native and blogger Bill Passman, he commemorates his passion for world travel with a tattoo on his back.

Passman's tattoo features a large world map which is a simple black outline. As he visits a new place, he has that country filled in with a different color. So far he has visited the majority of the countries of the Americas, Europe, Australia, and several Asian and African nations. He has visited over forty countries as of right now, with more to follow.

Passman stated on his blog that he got the inspiration while in Honduras. A fellow traveler had a similar map tattoo, but used red dots to point out different places she had visited.