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'World's worst groomsman' steals nearly $7,000 from bride and groom

Groomsman Noah Howard allegedly stole $6,800 in cash and gift cards during the reception of a wedding he was taking part in.
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

At most weddings, the worst sin a groomsman is expected to commit is to misplace the rings or add a particularly risqué joke to his speech.

But Noah Howard took the role of world’s worst wedding guest one step further when he allegedly stole thousands of dollars in cash and gift cards from the bride and groom.

Howard, 29, was arrested last Saturday after reportedly taking $6,800 in cash and cheques, along with 55 unopened wedding cards from a safe at the wedding reception, before returning to the dance floor to celebrate with the newlyweds.

Staff at the reception hall in Dayton, Ohio, called police after noticing that the money was missing. Howard had earlier asked if he could change clothes in the office where the safe was located.

Before police arrived, the missing items were discovered in a tuxedo garment bag behind some bushes near the entrance to the wedding venue.

Although there was no video camera inside the office, surveillance footage showed Howard entering the room to change and later emerging with the garment bag, which appeared to be heavy.

Howard, who has known the groom for 12 years, denied taking the money and suggested that an employee may have put the cash in the bag.

“It’s just a very extreme thing to do, to take gifts at a wedding,” Detective Curry Mire told the NY Daily News, adding that he does not know whether Howard has financial problems.

He was booked into Dayton county jail on suspicion of felony theft.

Police are waiting for the newlyweds to return from honeymoon before they can complete their investigation.

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