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World's Weirdest Foods, featuring Maggot Fried Rice, live, newborn rats, Moose Nose Jelly and more!

Bottom's up! A British tourist in Thailand prepares to 
take a shot of snake's blood, which is believed to help
complexion. (Photo:

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Need to improve your complexion? Head to Southeast Asia and take a shot of blood squeezed from a live snake. Feeling cruel? China's "Three Screams" is just what you need--a newborn rat is dipped into hot sauce, screaming three times before it's impaled on a fork and then sliced in half by your teeth. Or maybe you want to eat something disgusting without getting PETA called on you? In that case, pour yourself a cup of Nepalese barley tea while taking in a Himalayan view--and garnish it with rancid yak butter.

If you haven't lost your lunch yet, indulge your curiosity by clicking on the slide show below.

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