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World's tallest bride: Tallest teen to become bride to much shorter man

The world's tallest bride in Brazil will marry a much shorter man. Elisany da Cruz Silva is an aspiring model who's known as the world's tallest teen. Deccan Chronicle cites Daily Mail in a May 7 report that reveals Elisany is 6-feet-8-inches tall. Her finace is Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, 5-feet-4-inches tall.

Elisany and Francinaldo have been dating three years. The pair have lived together a year now and are ready to enjoy their engagement. They often get looks in public, but Francinaldo loves showing off his lady who will be the world's tallest bride.

Their extreme difference in height can make kissing a little more difficult than it is for average couples. After all, there's more than a foot of height between them.

According to the report, Elisany, 18, has a condition known as "gigantism." A tumor on her pituitary gland that impacts body height. She fears soon she won't be fertile, so she hopes to conceive a baby soon.

MSN UK reports that Elisany's mother -- Ana Maria Ramos -- was surprised by her daughter's engagement.

“I don’t know how this could happen – this proposal. It was a surprise – no one was expecting it," Ramos said.

“In spite of everything she is still a very young girl with a lot ahead of her. She is sometimes a bit difficult to him but I’ve never seen him treating her badly. He has been an excellent person.”

Francinaldo said he tells his bride-to-be that she should get out more so people won't stare so much at her. Their curiosity would calm down if she was seen more, but she has an aversion to all of the attention. Now that Elisany will not only the world's tallest teen, but the world's tallest bride, she'll get more attention than she ever wanted!

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