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World's smallest woman weighs only 12 pounds at 20 years old visits New York

According to the Huffington Post on Sept. 11, the world's smallest woman is visiting New York to launch the 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records.

World's smallest woman visits New York
NY Daily News
Smallest woman visits New York
New York Daily News

Just under 25 inches tall, Jyoti Amge of Nagpur, India is a college-bound student who dreams of becoming an actress. At 20 years old, she weighs just 12 pounds. This is only nine pounds more than she did at birth.

Amge is about as tall as a Barbie Dreamhouse which is tiny even among dwarfs. She says:

“I’m very happy to be the smallest girl on earth, I’m very proud of it. It's hard for me to reach things. It's good I have brothers and sisters to help."

This is Amge's first visit to New York, and she is having a good time going to see the Statute of Liberty and other places. She will even go to see the ladies of "The View" and have a press conference at the top of the Empire State Building.

On her first day in New York City, Amge strolled through Times Square with a big smile and posed for photos like a celebrity.

Amge concludes:

"I don't regret being my size. I am happy the way I am. It's allowed me to do amazing things."

To make sure Amge was truly the smallest woman, she was measured three times, once standing and twice lying down.

In her native India, Amge runs a foundation that helps the elderly and orphans where they feed the hungry.

The saying is correct: "Big things come in small packages."