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World’s oldest living cat: Poppy is 24 (114 human years), blind, deaf, and bossy

Poppy was crowned by Guinness World Records to be the oldest living cat in the world. At age 24, which is 114 human years, Poppy is blind and deaf, but according to her owner, the old feline lady is still feisty and the boss. As reported by Guinness World Records on May 19, “at the grand old age of 24, she has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat.”

Poppy: World’s oldest living cat is 24 (114 human years), blind, deaf, and bossy
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Poppy was born in February of 1990 and was originally named Popsy. At the age of five, and after having had two other owners, the feline was lucky to be adopted by Marguerite Corner and her daughter Jacqui. At the age of 10, the feline moved in with Jacqui and her future husband Andy West.

Today, the 24-year-old tortoiseshell cat lives with Jacqui, her husband, and the couple’s two sons, 11-year-old Joe and eight-year-old Toby, in Bournemouth in England. Other members in the household include four other cats, two rabbits and a hamster.

Naturally, the feline old timer is the boss of the household. Despite being blind and deaf, somewhat frail and scruffy looking, the feline head of the household lets everyone know who is in charge. Jacqui, or more appropriately called Mrs. West, says that Poppy lets her know when she needs something by meowing. And if any of the other cats should get into the way of what is rightfully hers, “they are swiftly dealt with” – including a bite on the ear.

Whenever people ask Mrs. West if she did anything special for her cat’s health, she answers that her cat has a good diet and lots of exercise. “She keeps herself fit by walking around and she eats a lot. She has biscuits in the morning and tinned [canned] food later on. She’s never been a big cat though. She is partial to the odd takeaway. We sometimes give her a bit of KFC chicken, Fish and chips and even the odd bit of kebab meat.” In regard to her exercise and getting around, Mrs. West says that Poppy can walk up the stairs, but being blind, they won’t let her walk down.

Poppy’s path to becoming Guinness World Records’ oldest living cat in the world began after she turned 24, and Mrs. West wrote to Guinness World Records in February to submit her into the category of “Oldest Cat Currently Living.” The oldest living cat in history had been Crème Puff, who lived from Aug. 3, 1967, to Aug. 6, 2005, unbelievable 38 years and three days. Creme Puff had lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas. Before Poppy, the title of the world’s oldest living cat had belonged to 23-year-old Pinky from Kansas, but Pinky passed away last year, reports NBC News., Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday is pointing out that if anyone thinks their cat is older than Poppy and can prove it, “then we’d encourage them to get in touch with us.”

As to Poppy’s future, Mrs. West says that her newly crowned cat’s health is slowly, but certainly, diminishing. “Over the last year her health has gone down and we know the end is near.”

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