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World's most pet friendly house to benefit charities

Pet Family Perfect Home
Pet Family Perfect Home

Construction of World’s Most Pet Friendly House to Benefit Charities

The Professor’s House will soon be creating the World’s Most Pet Friendly House in Okotoks AB. with Alair Homes; a project that will promote pet ownership while raising funds for several great causes.

Professor’ presents this innovative project that encompasses the design, construction and decor of a home, with the whole family in mind.

They are building a 2400 sq. ft home that will make living with pets easier and more enjoyable for the modern family. Products, features and services will be showcased from the planning and building stages of the home all the way through to completion.

They will address many scenarios that pet owners face such as

  • scratched flooring
  • stained furniture
  • ruined carpets
  • destroyed lawn
  • hair and dander issues
  • reducing allergy problems
  • indoor/outdoor access
  • storage solutions ... and more

Many of these issues can be solved by building in or adding key products and features that handle the everyday wear and tear that come with household pets. They have thought of it all.

From start to finish the entire project will be interactive, entertaining, and educational.

Project Highlights take a look it’s amazing

  • Construction of a custom built home
  • Pet friendly features & designs
  • Show home open to the public & media
  • Entertaining attractions and events
  • Proceeds donated to charities
  • Global involvement from 130+ partners

Quick Facts

Supporting Causes in our Community

This elegant and well-designed pet themed home will be the envy of pet lovers globally with and give back to the community.

Once the home has been completed the Pet Friendly House will open to the public and media for one month as a show home. During this time all will be invited to experience several entertaining and interactive events for the whole family.

The design, construction and decorating of the project will be covered though Once the house has been closed as a show home it will be listed and sold; 50% of the proceeds will then be donated between the Okotoks Pound Rescue, Canadian Kidney Foundation, Autism Assistance Dog Guides and Behind the Smile.

More details about the Pet Friendly House project can be found at:

About The Professors House

The Professor’s House – provides a wealth of advice on family; relationships; food; living; pets and décor.

I love this and am so excited to see the Finished Home

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