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World's most haunted island up for auction: Poveglia haunted by tortured souls

World's most haunted island, Poveglia, minutes from Venice Italy: Skeletons unearthed on the island, these may be the thousands of souls haunting the island.
World's most haunted island, Poveglia, minutes from Venice Italy: Skeletons unearthed on the island, these may be the thousands of souls haunting the island.
Wikimedia Commons

The world’s most haunted island is up for auction and if you thought that you heard of some pretty scary places in your lifetime, think again. This deserted island is extremely close to Venice, Italy and it is surrounded by the waterways that flow into the city seemingly floating on water. It is not only considered the world’s most haunted island, but it is also considered one of the most haunted places on Earth, according to Time Magazine on April 16..

World's most haunted Island where thousands of tortured souls roam, Poveglia
Wikimedia Commons

Poveglia’s history creates the perfect storm for the many ghosts and spirits that are said to walk the desolate island. Through the decades nothing could make a go of it on that land. The island has all the remnants from the failed venues once erected with high hopes of succeeding, but that was never the case.

The history of the island begins with the plague, as this 17-acre plot of land was used as a dumping ground for folks in Europe who contracted the plague. This is where they went to die. While they are gone and buried, the spirits of many are said to roam Poveglia. In 1922 a hospital for the elderly was opened on the island.

This was rumored to be the cover-up title for its real purpose of a mental institution, a facility that did horrid things to people under the umbrella of experimental medical procedures. It is said that the hospital was home to many “botched lobotomies.” The hospital had a doctor whose conscious couldn’t carry the sins on humanity anymore and who was said to have been haunted by the patients he maimed in the line of experimental duty.

That doctor ended his life by throwing himself off the hospital tower. Rumors swirl around that 17-acres surrounded by water saying that you will find that the dirt is made out of 50% ashes from humans. The locals say “when an evil man dies, he wakes up in Poveglia.” The buildings that make up the hospital campus are still there, and even the beds the patients slept in at the end of their life are still in the wards.

Time Magazine compares the hospital setting to something right out of the “American Horror Story” hospital setting. The latest bit of information to come out of Poveglia is that when an American TV host for one of the many shows that hunts ghosts and spirits was possessed for a short time when arriving on the island.

The Independent asks, “Is anyone brave enough to buy it? It is up for auction and if you want a piece of paradise that is literally 10 minutes from the Venice Film Festival on the Lido you will have millions of dollars to spare. This desolate island is off-limits to the public. It is home to not just a couple of ghosts, but to tens of thousands of tortured souls.

The gruesome grounds, which has been described as the island of “madness” and “hell,” is a tough sale. The thousands of skeletons unearthed on the island are seen as having permanent expressions of torment and fear, check it out for yourself in the above slide show. It was the Travel Channel’s show “Ghost Adventures” where the host was said to be possessed by something when walking through the decrepit hospital.