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World’s most haunted island is up for sale now

Photo credit: Panoramio
Photo credit: Panoramio
Photo credit: Panoramio

Space is a luxury nowadays, but is space a priority over haunted tales and evil ghosts? A17-acre Italian island called Poveglia is currently up for sale - although it is located between Venice and Lido, one of the most popular tourism locations in the world, the island has been labelled as the “world’s most haunted island”.

The island is known for its long history of sickness and death, as it used to be a dumping ground for plague patients and was home to a mental hospital, where a mad doctor performed lobotomies on patients with hammers, hand drills and chisels. Due to these series of traumatic events, people believe that the island is haunted by hundreds of thousands of tortured spirits. The history of the island has led to the spread of popular haunted tales, such as a plague victim called Little Maria who looks out across the lagoon towards her home while standing and crying. A presenter of the Travel Channel even claims that he was possessed by a ghost after a short visit to the island.

Although the island does not receive many visitors other than a few paranormal investigator enthusiasts, the island is currently up for sale is because the Italian government hopes this would reduce the public debt of the country. Other than the haunted island Poveglia, Italy is also putting other properties for sale, such as a 15th century castle and an old monastery.

Hopefully the sales of these precious Italian properties would aid the country in its current financial crisis, as millionaires from other countries are constantly on the lookout for ways to spend their money on frivolous things. The government probably won’t have any trouble selling the island despite its reputation, since some rich people are not superstitious and therefore they would pay any price to have that piece of land.