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'World's most expensive' handmade soap sells for $2800

In recent years the art of soap making has begun to boom. Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are full of beautiful, handmade soapy creations. There has also been an increase in handmade soap sellers, but none have reached the level of one Lebanon soap company. According to an article published by BBC News on Jan. 3, a family-owned soap company in Lebanon sells a single bar of Qatar soap for $2,800.

World's most expensive handmade soap sells for $2800 (Not the actual soap)
Threesia Goff (Not the actual soap)

BBC News reports that the 160 gram (around 5.6 ounces) bar of soap brings in such a high price because it is filled with gold and diamond powders. The owner of the soap company says the soap has a “psychological and spiritual” effect on the user.

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To get an idea what the price difference between the gold and diamond soap and other handmade soaps, you can take a look at popular selling sites like On Etsy a bar of handmade soap weighing around 160 grams will cost you between $5 and $10.

If you would like to learn to make your own handmade soap you can visit for free recipes, tips, and instructions.

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