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World's Most Expensive: featuring Hair Extensions

Anyone can have long, lavish locks by adding hair extensions. Different colors, textures and lengths can be achieved due to the variety of extensions that are out on the market today. There are also many techniques that are used to achieve this look. Glued extensions, sewn-in extensions, and bonded extensions are just a few ways hair can be added to your own natural hair to create the desired style. The cost of this procedure can vary depending on the type of hair used and the applicaton process.

As to date, the most expensive extensions retail at ten thousand dollars. Gemini14 salon in New York located in west village offers this elaborate service. Two hundred and fifty thousand strands or more of human hair is applied to the natural hair by using a bonding system. This can take up to nine hours. Each strand or strands are applied at the root and bonded using a hot plier tool. The keratin protein polymer bond used to adhere the extensions allow them to last longer, cause less damage and look completly natural.

The hair used is special in itself. Virgin hair donated by Indian women to Hindu temples as part of a religious offering is being used to make the extensions. The strands are depigmented using a special "osmosis" processs and are untouched by chemicals. The hair can be dyed, cut, colored and styled in any fashion. The "touch up" method is basically having the bond tigtened when "new growth" appears using the pliar tool. This can cost two thousand dollars or more and should be done every four to six weeks.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are huge fans of the salon's extensions and are willing to pay the hefty price tag. Many women are flocking to this salon to get the perfect extensions. There is a waiting list for up to two weeks at the posh salon.

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