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World's most expensive burger and it isn't even real

Have you heard the recent news? In an article from take, dated August 5, the in-vitro burger has been unveiled and some people have actually already taste tested it! Would you eat a burger that was grown in a petri dish from nothing but cells from cow muscles? Some would, no doubt, as it is now, there are more people eating the frankenburgers sold in all fast food joints in the US. than not.

Frankenburger cooking

According to Take, the much-anticipated (well, in certain circles) taste test of the $325,000 in-vitro hamburger happened in London today. Google, co-founder, Sergey Brin, is the person that made the creation of this so called burger possible, through financing. Why the co-founder of Google would want to finance a burger growing in a petri dish project is beyond most every person, but it is true.

Food writer Josh Schonwald says, “The bite feels like a conventional hamburger,” according to Schonwald. OK, we won’t nitpick over what kind of conventional hamburger—a spatula-flatted flat-top patty, thin and charred, or a loosely packed, medium-rare juicy puck—but if we’re all supposed to get behind this idea of meat grown in tubes, can we get a more evocative description of its flavor than “animal protein cake”?

Sounds like the taste has a little more to be desired and rightfully so when you think of your future food, especially meat, being grown in a test tube rather than on an organic farm. Already, the food system has been changed dramatically. Some may even say contaminated, with genetically modified foods (GMOs), and due to the recent increased level acceptance of Glyphosate, AKA: round UP, from the EPA, American's can now expect to eat even more dangerous chemicals in their food.

You can bet this new "burger" will be under fire, and seems to already be with some people calling it Frankenburger and the un-burger. Anytime you generate food in a laboratory, you can bet there will be a huge backlash. According to Take, "as the BBC explains, the process, developed by professor Mark Post, starts with stems cells pulled from cow muscle tissue. Create enough of these small strips, and you can pack them together to make a hamburger, although to mimic the color and texture of cow-grown beef, the test-tube meat is augmented with beet juice, saffron, bread crumbs, and a binder."

Who knows what that binder is too, the most popular choice in processed meats today is usually called, "meat glue", this is one ingredient you don't want anyone in your family eating with scientific results showing loads of health dangers associated with it. Watching the video associated with the article, you will notice that it is stated that growing meat patties in this way does no harm to cows. It is stated that with just the cells from the cows muscles that a meat patty can be created.

You are told that this way of producing hamburgers will cut down on the harm animals see at the hands of inhumane ranchers and butchers. You won't know the dangers of eating this fake burger, just like you don't know, officially, what the health dangers of eating any GMO foods are. This is because the USDA does not have strict enough laws and this permits those bio-food companies to be able to do what they want with our food. The question still remains, what are the long term health effects of eating a hamburger that is grown in a laboratory instead, as nature intended it, on a farm?

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