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World's most beautiful bookstores

Venice Italy
Venice Italy

In this world of e-everything, there are still some readers who prefer the feel, smell and sensation that a hard copy book provides them. While the convenience of e-readers cannot be denied, there is something to be said for tradition when it comes to reading a classic novel or graphic work.

Getting back to our reading roots can be good for the soul and some books just make more sense on paper. If it's a good old-fashioned book you're after what better place to buy Jane Austen than at Daunt Books tucked away in an Edwardian building in Marylebone?

Shakespeare & Co. overlooks the Seine in Paris. Who wouldn't be inspired by that? The store was established in 1919 and the original owner was believed to have lent books to Ernest Hemingway, when he couldn't afford to buy them.

In beautiful Venice Libreria Aqua Alta has a back door that opens straight onto a canal. In the center of the store is a gondola, weighted down by hundreds of books, and stunning glass chandeliers hang from the arches of the low stone ceilings. Speaking of which, check out Cook and Book if Brussels is on the itinerary. This funky store has hundreds of books suspended from their ceiling, and lights made from Campbells soup cans illuminate the café.

Skyscanner have put together a list of the world's most beautiful bookstores. Check it out and, if in the vicinity, visit one. Fodors have a similar list, which includes everything from a stunning former theater in Buenos Aires to a tiny location in a New York City apartment.

Many of these stores host readings, book signing events and offer other opportunities for readers and writers to commune.

Closer to home, Reston used Book Store sits on Lake Anne and is filled with great finds. Pop in and become a patron at a true local book store. Bookstores need the support of readers and writers, so pull up a chair and enjoy.

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