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World's largest video game collection sells in auction for over $750,000

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The world's largest video game collection used to belong to Michael Thomasson and he had the certificate from Guinness World Record to prove it. Now, that collection belongs to someone else as it was sold at an online auction for over $750,000 according to The Wire on June 16, 2014.

Thomasson began amassing his gigantic collection in 1998 when he ran a game resale website and also managed a retail video game store. The collection has over 11,000 unique video games and has more than 20 complete United States sets.

A complete set is the system and every official game that was made for it.

Last week, Thomasson put the world's largest video game collection for sale online and it ended up with 56 bids and a winning bid of $750,250. That winning big came from a user with the handle of "peeps_10091970" as his real name has not been revealed.

That winning bid included every video game system, video game, a lifetime subscription to "Retro" magazine, and the 2012 Guinness certificate proving the collection is indeed the largest one in the world.

As of the morning of Tuesday, June 17, 2014, payment had not yet been made on the world's largest video game collection that was valued between $700,000-$800,000. The winning bid ended u amounting to about $68 per game.

The winning bidder also had no feedback with their handle on the auction site, and that is normally seen as a red flag, but for now, the collection is sold.

To let you know how serious the bidding war for the world's largest video game collection got, just look at Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. He ended up putting in bids of $50,000 and a little over $90,000, but then backed out when bidding kept going.