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World's largest Starbucks record set with $54 Sexagintuple Frappuccino

A man in Texas has ordered the world's most expensive Starbucks drink, containing a whopping 60 espresso shots.

Need a caffeine fix? You probably don't need quite the amount that one coffee addict added to his record-breaking beverage this week.

Determined to beat the record for the world's most expensive Starbucks drink, Texas resident Andrew created the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.

Consisting of 60 espresso shots, the whopping 128-ounce beverage would usually cost an eye-watering $54.75.

Fortunately, Andrew had his Starbucks loyalty card handy, which allows gold members to claim a free drink after every 12 that they buy - seemingly with no size limit.

Knowing the store would not have a cup big enough to beat last year's $47 frappuccino, Andrew brought his own giant glass from home and explained his mission to the baristas.

“It took a few minutes to figure out all the math, but in the end, it took about 55 shots to get us over the $50 line, and we just rounded it up to 60 to make it easy,” he told the Consumerist.

Posting a photo of the finished product to Twitter, the coffee connoisseur gave the giant beverage the thumbs up, although admitted that he was only able to manage about a third of it and had to save the rest for later.

“I gotta say, it was delicious,” he said.

Starbucks told the Huffington Post that while it does allow customers to customize free beverages earned through its reward program, this one "was excessive and something that we do not encourage."

"We want to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and most delicious tasting food and beverage products from us," a Starbucks representative said. "We don’t believe that this particular beverage choice was reflective of that."

With the record-breaking beverage containing approximately 4.5 grams of caffeine (nearly half a potentially lethal dose), Starbucks customers should probably stick to their regular daily latte.

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