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World’s biggest waves ready to break in California – Mavericks is near.

Mavericks waves are HUGE
Mavericks waves are HUGE

Near the sleepy Northern California coast town of Half Moon Bay, the waves get among the biggest in the world. We are talking 30-40 foot monsters that break over a half-mile off shore. Three major currents converge during the winter and if things are right, they rival breakers in South Africa and Hawaii.

Named for the dog of one of the early surfers of these behemoths, the site is the home to a huge annual invitational surf championship. Being less than an hour from San Francisco and San Jose, the site is a “top drawer” location for the big boys of surfing. The 2014 competition is ready to begin. A huge swell is approaching that is expected to arrive on Friday, January 24.

Spectators are not allowed near the bluffs overlooking the ocean in the area. People have slipped down the cliffs or been hit by rouge waves in past years.

I attended Mavericks one year when the public was allowed and I could not see much as the contestants were so far out from shore. This year you can watch the action on the Universal Sports Network. Fun begins at 1:30 PST.

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