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World record tiger shark caught at Myrtle Beach, SC

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, you read the papers about a huge shark being caught or hear the news of shark attacks. Well, you need not worry. The shark we’re discussing was caught at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina back in 1964. It does make you wonder, however, if there was one this big back then what is out there today.

1780 lb Tiger Shark Caught by Walter Maxwell
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On June 14th, 1964 Walter Maxwell fought for 3 hours to land a 1,780 lb Tiger shark. This is one of the most feared sharks that swim in our waters. The shark was caught near the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier and soon made people so worried that shark fishing from the pier was banned. They were not thrilled about having bloody baits and shark fishing so close to vacationers swimming near the shore.

The world record weight shattered the old record by 350 lbs and still stands today. While people can still catch small sand sharks and black tip sharks, there is a hefty fine for people fishing for large sharks in heavy populated swimming areas. Many people when asked do not know that sharks of this size were even on our SC coast. They are not even aware that Great White sharks are along our coast. Many sharks can still be caught on deep water fishing tours.


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