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World Positive Thinkers Club appoints Mrs. World 2011-12 as vice-president

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Online--The world-renowned, World Positive Thinkers Club is naming April Lufriu as its vice president. Mrs. Lufriu has the unique distinction of being Mrs. World 2011-12. She is also a native of Tampa, FLorida and vice president of Lufriu Marble in Tampa.

With all of the uncertainties in the world today, now is the time for positive thinking. The World Positive Thinkers Club is organized for just that purpose. The club boasts hundreds of members willing to make a difference. Positive Thinkers Worldwide includes the late President Ronald Reagan, Coaches Bill Belichick and Andy Reid, Governor Sarah Palin, Kurt Warner, Eli and Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, the late Zig Ziglar, Chuck Norris, radio co-host, PR, sales, and Marketing guru, Pam Lontos, and hundreds of other well-known personalities from all walks of life, with a goal to help others become or stay Positive Thinkers. “We are dedicated to helping those among us who are the most vulnerable.”

The club has a radio show which gives free advice to listeners on topics such as: legal, medical, and relationship advice with well known celebrities Like Cynthia Brian (known as Oprah of the Airwaves) and Lt. Colonel Hiram E. Mann, one of the last remaining Tuskegee Airmen. The radio show has also showcased comedians, and well known parapsychologist, numerologist, author, and medical technologist Nik Raka, who predicted the downfall of Richard Nixon as well as naming Watergate three years before Nixon’s downfall. To listen to these great shows go to World Positive Thinkers Club on Blog Talk Radio.

The club has sent club membership money and a percentage of receipts from club president and author Ken Bossone's award winning book, Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power, to feed hungry children and allow them to have Christmas presents. It also sends money for hospitalized soldiers. Due to growth through the radio show and other mediums, the organization is always ready to make a difference.

The Radio Show’s host is Ken “Mr. Positive” Bossone at The co-host is Pam Lontos, author of "Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It" and I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow Your Fame, Wealth and Success." Visit her website at



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