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World Party Day: Everyone's invited to the big P-Day global party celebration

Have you heard the big buzz? Get out the horns and get ready to put on your party hat! Besides Tweed Day, Find a Rainbow Day, and Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun Day, April 3 is also World Party Day (WPD), and you're invited! WPD is an annual occasion encourages people all over the world to make the world a better, happier place through celebrations in a party-like atmosphere! Where do we sign up?

World Party Day:  Celebrate like a rock star with fun party ideas
Stephanie Berghaeuser

World Party Day

Talk about a novel idea! First observed in 1996, World Party Day, also known as P-Day, was actually inspired by a book! "Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel" ends with a fictional synchronized worldwide celebration which eventually led to a real-life grassroots movement. World Party Day is one of the first global synchronized celebrations to help improve social conditions all around the world. How awesome is that?

World Party Day Celebration Ideas

  • Crank up the music and get your groove on! Put on the ole' dancin' shoes and show off your best moves with a Dance Party!
  • Create your own World Party Day banner.
  • Make a World Party Day Piñata and take your best swing!
  • When is the last time you had a block party? Invite the entire neighborhood and ask everyone to bring a dish. And just to be on the safe side, be sure to contact local police, emergency responders, street department, city hall, etc, prior to the party.
  • Have your own wine tasting event with a few of your favorite BFFs.
  • Make it Cocktail Hour after work. Ask everyone to bring a pitcher and sample
  • Check out these cute Margarita Jell-O Shots in Lemon Wedges.
  • Create some colorful straws for your party drinks.
  • Sip it in style with these fun World Party Day straws.
  • Speaking of beverages - you can't have a party without pretty umbrellas in your drinks, right?
  • If you plan on having an outside bash, be sure to cover those drinks with pretty Paper Cocktail Covers to keep those annoying bugs at bay.
  • Speaking of cocktails, check out these 35 Classic & Creative Cocktail Recipes.
  • Spruce up your inside or outside bash with a few paper lanterns.
  • Check out these fun Rock-n-Roll Dino Candles you can make.

Regardless of how old or young you happen to be, it's time to get your party on! And speaking of fun, April 3 is also Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun Day, Find a Rainbow Day and Tweed Day. Enjoy!

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