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'World of Warships' alpha offers 4 balanced classes of ships

Game is still in alpha for PC
Game is still in alpha for PC
Photo courtesy of Wargaming, used with permisison

Wargaming has seen a lot of success in recent years with its World of Tanks franchise. Starting on PC and traversing over to the Xbox 360, downloads have been in the millions for this title. Rather than being just another free-to-play game, Wargaming has made sure everyone has an opportunity by making its titles free-to-win, and Microsoft liked this. Microsoft locked them into a deal to utilize Xbox Live, and for themselves to understand and learn the free-to-win concept. Now, Wargaming is focusing on another major battle type by introducing a naval war MMO. Currently in alpha and only for PC (as of now), World of Warships will look to focus on balanced gameplay across a broad map.

In its alpha stages, World of Warships has a solid ground for developing this balanced gameplay with their classes. According to Senior Producer Gareth Luke, the core dynamic of the game will be a “rock-paper-scissors” approach. This means there won’t be any ship that doesn’t have a major weakness, so don’t expect everyone to choose one class. This truly means you and your teammates will have to work as a unit, because if you go off on your own, you will most likely be left to sink.

The alpha features four classes of ships. The first one is the Destroyer. This small, fast ship will be used for scouting purposes. These ships are hard to locate, let alone lock onto. While they are the weakest of the bunch, they do offer a deadly torpedo (which has a cool camera angle that allows you to follow your shot). One would have to assume that an entire team of these ships might not get much accomplished over the course of time. Per Luke, the idea for these ships is to move in and out very fast, so that your stronger units can attack what they have identified.

The next class of ship is the Cruiser. This class looks to be the “Jack of all Trades” class, as it features a little bit of everything from all the classes. This will include anti-aircraft guns, artillery, torpedos, and even scout planes. These guys will be the first line of defense, or a support class even. Using them as support can make these guys devestating.

The Battleship offers long range attacks and will be the most difficult to take down. These ships are extremely slow, but offer heavy armor, hit points, and a superb amount of weaponry. According to Luke, this ship has a 30-40 mile range for targeting. Once this ship locks onto you, things can end pretty quickly. Thankfully, they aren’t very well against torpedo classes, so if you’re able to make your way past the defense to the behemoths, a team effort might stand a chance.

The last class of ship available at this time in the alpha is the Aircraft Carrier. This class is definitely the most unique of the four. This class has literally no defense, so it is all about positioning. Per Luke, it is more of a real-time strategy class. It offers four types of aircraft, each one being able to traverse the entire map. This ship must be protected, but can offer a gigantic advantage in attacking long range and taking over the match. Stay tuned for more information involving World of Warships.

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