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World of Warcraft's Molten Cor ... gi?

A long time ago, when the heroes of Azeroth were still but fledgling adventurers, there existed a powerful lord of lava known as Ragnaros. Azeroth's finest traversed the cavernous molten lair of the fire-borne villain, hunting down and slaying each one of his sinister minions until finally they found him, towering over them in a swirling pool of lava, pronouncing their doom. Unfortunately for Ragnaros, the heroes' resolve was unshakable, and he was sent back to the elemental plane from whence he came.

Most of World of Warcraft's players know the story of Ragnaros, even if most of the current players likely have not been there first hand to witness the fire lord's defeat - in Molten Core or in the Firelands. With each new expansion, the game seems to shed some of its veteran players and take on brand new ones, and old content, especially the raids, seems to fall by the wayside.

It is not Ragnaros's story we are revisiting today. The elemental beast has twice been slain - and in all likelihood, this time for good. But when the heroes of Azeroth struck down this mighty foe, they neglected one minor detail: Ragnaros was a foster parent for a baby corgi rescue puppy.

Our heroes will soon have a chance to do the right thing and take the little molten corgi under their protective wing. Too long has he been orphaned, roaming the fiery caverns of the Molten Core underneath Blackrock Mountain.

Did that work? No? Still don't find the little guy cute enough to adopt? Cue Sarah McLachlan's Angel.

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