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'World of Warcraft' hotfixes, Children's Week, and more

There's been a flurry of "World of Warcraft" news over the last 24 hours or so from Blizzard Entertainment. Not wanting to be content with players simply awaiting the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion, Blizzard is trying to keep its fanbase busy.

This Night Elf is ready for action in World of Warcraft
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Yesterday saw the release of some hotfixes intended to fix some issues with patch 5.4.7. Among these changes are fixes to some of the mechanics in the "Siege of Orgrimmar" raid, including eliminating some unintended difficulties. Also, Matchmaking Ratings for Rated Battlegrounds was increased by 100 for all players. This will fix a longstanding bug in which players could lose Personal Rating if they lost a Rated Battleground but not gain any on a win. A fix to the UI was also included to ensure players would not continue to be listed on the Raid Browser if they already accepted an invite from someone in a Flexible difficulty raid.

"World of Warcraft" is known for its various holiday events, most of which mirror real world holidays (the Feast of Winterveil is an analog for Christmas, for example). It's possible that this week's Children's Week is inspired by Japan's Children's Day, which takes place on May 5th. Although the real world Children's Day simply celebrates children and their happiness, Children's Week in "World of Warcraft" is a week-long event that gives players an opportunity to help out in-game children who have been affected by war.

Starting yesterday and running through May 5th, Children's Week features quests for Alliance and Horde characters, as well as a neutral quest chain to which both factions have access. These quests center around helping out various children who have been orphaned by the war between the Alliance and the Horde. Completing these quests rewards one of several companion pets, and there are repeatable quest rewards if a player has already completed the quests in previous years.

Yesterday also saw the release of the second episode of "Azeroth Choppers". This new web series features Paul Teutul, Jr. and his company Paul Jr. Designs (as seen on the television show "American Chopper") as they design custom motorcycles based on the two factions of "World of Warcraft." Once the series is over, on May 29th, viewers will vote for the winning design, which will then be added to the game. Players of the winning faction will receive the bike mount for free.

Watch the second episode of "Azeroth Choppers" by clicking on the video here, and be sure to check out the official World of Warcraft website to keep up with all things WoW.

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