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'World of Tanks' platform demographic explained by Wargaming

Different demographics for each available platform
Different demographics for each available platform
Photo courtesy of Wargaming, used with permisison

Wargaming has expanded its World of Tanks franchise now to three different platforms. This means a diverse demographic is aimed for by the same game. World of Tanks, as a whole and prior to the release of World of Tanks Blitz on iOS, has seen millions of downloads for its free-to-win style of gaming. At E3 2014, Senior Producer Gareth Luke was asked about how the each platform was geared towards its players. He agreed that each one was diverse, as the original PC version was aimed for a more hardcore, simulation based audience.

The idea of expansion relied around appealing to the most number of players that Wargaming could. With nearly five million downloads since its inception on PC, the name World of Tanks was becoming well known. What is more important is that the developers focus on player feedback by listening to what they like and what they desire. Wargaming has a strong player base on PC and there is even a very strong E-Sports league involved with the community.

The experience on different platforms is intentionally different. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?

-Gareth Luke, Senior Producer of Wargaming

The deal with Microsoft certainly made the game available to a broader, more casual audience. Luke understands what the PC demographic demands, but offering a free-to-win title on a console will bring a different type of gamer. The Xbox 360 version offers a faster, more action packed kind of battle. This version is much more streamlined, and the user interface is more intuitive for the controller, as compared to a keyboard and mouse. Luke even mentions that the in-game camera is designed for sitting ten feet away from your screen, as opposed to ten inches.

With World of Tanks Blitz on iOS, this version looks and feels equivalent to the others, but offers a much quicker experience. Wargaming wants Blitz to be a portable experience, so smaller maps, less battle times, and a quicker level system is key. The speed you traverse through the tech tree and gaining currency will make the game more addicting to come back to. It is not meant to be played for five hours constantly, mainly because your battery will most likely die.

Wargaming is focusing on getting this franchise perfect across all platforms. World of Tanks Blitz will see an Android release at some point, but is available now on iOS. The plan is to get it right, across all platforms, for that particular platform. Judging by the downloads, they are doing a good job of this with much more potential for growth in the future. Stay tuned for more information involving Wargaming and the World of Tanks franchise.

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