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'World of Tanks' blitzes on to mobile devices

World of Tanks” is going mobile with their new game version “World of Tanks Blitz”. Globally live “World of Tanks” fans can now have tank battles anywhere. The game features over 90 vehicles from Germany, the USSR and USA.

Get ready to mobilize with 'WoT Blitz'

Get ready to mobilize with Wargaming’s latest edition to the “World of Tanks” family. While commanders have been able to conduct tank battles on their PC’s and Xbox’s for some time now, “World of Tanks Blitz” will be the first version of the game available for mobile devices. Although Blitz won’t be the exact same version of the game, it has the same great tank battle action and adds great new touch screen controls.

The mobile version of the game will include 7 vs. 7 PvP battles and all the tank battling fun of the original game that’s become popular on PC’s and consoles. “World of Tanks Blitz” is available exclusively on Apple devices. To download players will need an iPad 2 or newer or iPhone 4S and newer with iOS 7.0 or newer.

“World of Tanks Blitz” utilizes realistic physics and vehicles based off of real-life blueprints. There's a huge arsenal of tanks to choose from. There are over 90 different vehicles available, each with their own unique combat characteristics and behaviors. Study each model to discover their strengths and weaknesses. There are also a variety of arena’s to fight 7 vs. 7 battles in. Victory will require fast thinking and sound strategy in this game.

The mobile game has new intuitive and precise touch controls. Command your armored vehicle with just your thumbs and you’ll be rolling in no time. You can also customize the settings to suit your play style. Download “World of Tanks Blitz” at the App Store now and you can play “World of Tanks” anytime, anywhere.

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