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World of Chocolate Beckons Your Inner Hansel and Gretel

Do you like chocolate that's dark? Or will white hit the mark? Does milk chocolate make you spark?

Chocolate from around the world is housed in the World of Chocolate.
Chocolate from around the world is housed in the World of Chocolate.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Visit the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe in Orlando, FL.
Marisa L. Williams

The Chocolate Museum provides a history session to answer your question of the chocolate obsession.

The sweet delicacy was not always so, as long ago, it was served bitter, in case you didn't know.

You might not think, but cocoa was the first energy drink; it was prized as much as mink.

Before, it was only for royalty, not just a common novelty, creating a following of loyalty.

Back in the day, it was exotic, a gift that may induce the erotic, or a medication, like a narcotic.

Later, they added sugar and milk, so the bitter taste would bilk, making it smooth like silk.

Brands like Cabury became like an actuary for long loved chocolate recipes that would vary.

Now people swarm chocolate like a vulture, it's the topic of a lecture and is used for sculpture.

The museum has chocolate creations that blows away expectations on display for observations.

From Roman warriors that thunder, and a slightly melted blunder to architectural wonder,

you'll be amazed it was carved by hand into a structure so grand; it's anything but bland.

Taste the different flavor. As it melts in your mouth, savor, and pick out the ones you favor.

The higher % of cocoa, the more bitter. Some will make you flitter. Please, do not litter.

A chocolate tasting is not about wasting; it's more time honored than turkey basting.

Try brands that you never heard of and learn which ones that you love and savor all of the above.

Learn about traditions, sailing the globe on chocolate missions, and how ancients got acquisitions.

How do they take cocoa from a pod and turn it into chocolate people applaud, leaving them awed?

There's one way to know, and believe me, you'll want to go to the Chocolate Museum in Orlando.

It's an education about a favorite food, and by the end, you may conclude your love has been renewed.

While the history you probe, taste samples from around the globe and excite your brain lobe.

Pair the chocolate with a taste of wine, you'll be feeling fine, as the two flavors align.

I would definitely go back for a yummy chocolate snack; a small amount will make your lips smack.

Of course, they have a cafe, and you can buy chocolate all day during your Orlando stay.

For more information on the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe in Orlando, FL, visit Marisa is the author of more than 100 books, for more by Marisa, check out Follow Marisa at

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